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Okay I'm writing a new entry sooner than I though... but that's because I just discovered TOP has a new solo MV via Josie's blog!!!

O-M-G someone just slap me.... *-*


Done with school!

Hey y'all! I thought I'd do a post after such a while~
Nothing's really organized here but I thought I'd show some pics I've taken since last time!!

First of all I was at the graduation of my girl Jassefrom which I don't have any pictures unfortunantely... :( about 2 weeks ago!

Then the next Monday, 7th of June was the national chemistry exam, which went pretty well, 82 points! My chem grade last term was "2", which is equivalent to an "F" =))))))))))). Nice going, teach!

Dadamdam.... From that day on I've basically kept myself busy with different hair extension customers, earning some pocket money! Somehow I've learned to save pretty much everything I make and am more than looking forward for the future sales! =)

I've also seen some reeeeeeeeeaaaaaally old friends and just hung around the town, drinking tea and coffee at various places. No beach so far, the weather sucks ass..... I do have some tan from sun bathing at the park, tho ^^

Tomorrow or the day after it I will take the trip of my life - I'll cycle 50-100 km (not sure yet) from Tallinn to Võsu!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be cycling around in my bikini HAHA The destination of my trip is Mari's summer cottage, where I'll be staying for a couple of nights partying and celebrating MIDSUMMER! \m/ wohoo

Now some pics:

^ These here are from a cycling trip we had with my classmates! Cycled around 60 km :) The girl, Madli, is working at Disneyland Paris atm! Lucky girl!! ★

^ The night I couldn't sleep and went to ride my bike instead. You might have guessed it, but I finally own a bike and I LOVE riding it
These pics were taken at 7 am... *thumbs up*



^ Then a few days ago there was the Farewell party of Heejin and Eunsu, two koreans who studied in Tallinn for a year! Idk who invited me but I got an invitation anyways and went there as well! haha :D Merlin was there too! Was fun and later that night I saw Kaia, Siiri and some other school mates after such a long 2 weeks!!
♥ Oh boy that night was SO weird :D

^And tadahm! Here we have a pic from my lovely Liisa's graduation
♥ This pic kinda sucks but ignore the lightning please! =) The graduation was just the other day, on Sunday! It was RIGHT after the farewell party, which meant I slept only a good 3 hours!! :D haha crazy life. I did Liisa's make and hair hihi ☆

I'm having such a dilemma here.. some help? I got so nostalgic over Japan and Tokyo, if someone out there know how it feels to read some other westener's blog about his/her tokyo trip and feel this sudden URGE to go there and this feeling of wanting to cry bc it's virtually impossible.......... then you know what I feel.... Life there is just pure perfection.. Anyways my dilemma is: to go there this summer and live almost penniless or wait some time and go there this winter?? Idk I really have the money only for plane tickets + I'd be staying at Shii's house so no hotel fees thankgod! And I guess my mom would have to give me some money to survive.... and I could get some guys to pay for my meals................... I know if I'd be there things would turn out just FINE but still, it can't be compared to what it was last year - spending money 50 € a day! And money is such a big factor of a Tokyo trip! nnhn what to do..!! >-< Somebody know some big names in there who would want me as their personal assistant? =) Without any visa issues  whatsoever? *sigh*

I'm not sure when I'll be posting again, but I'll try to keep my camera with me to save some memories from summer '10!

worries, worries...

I placed an order at russian-hair.com last friday... haven't heard anything from them yet. And, I just googeled their head quarters........................... nothing mentioned about their hair there.....I have a bad feeling i'm being scammed :////////////


sucks so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad that there's nothing i cann do.

1st BB cream in Estonia!!!

Hey y'all!

I'm pretty sure everybody who's familiar with Japanese and Korean pop-culture have also heard the name BB-cream before..  (Well those who haven't: it's also known as Blemish Balm and it's basically a multifunctional make-up item: SPF + foundation + moisturizer + primer + whitener/brightener with skin healing properties. It's turned into a huge hit in Korea and everybody's raving about it!)

Well guess what! We now have one in Tallinn as well!!! =) Tadah:

Omg yeeeeeeeeees!!! We're making progress here >=)

It's rather pricey for a café-lover like me tho, 30 € for 45 ml?? I'll survive on testers for some weeks, thanks :)
The only bad ingredient I found in this is TALC. But according to acne.org it's non-comedogenic, so it shouldn't cause breakouts (for me). Besides,  almost all other BB-creams contains beeswax, which I'm allergic to..............................(and will thus be 40x more likely to cause breakouts.)
The coverage is GREAT btw! Better than what my foundation gives me, and BB-creams are not even considered foundations! *thumbs up*

Well what do you others think about this? Willing to give a try? ;)

Jumping from one topic to another, it finally feels like summer again!!! For a whole week we had only rain pouring down but today it was so warm I almost burnt my skin :D It's due to my acne medication Roaccutane, it makes me super-sensitive to sun :/ The good news is that I DIDNT burn anyways, (wohooo) and now I have some tan 8) Am content.

If anyone of you has some I-must-get-fit-for-summer excercise plan, tell me please!! And if anyone's interested in going cycling with me, it'd be a pleasure! This week-end I cycled around 50 km 8-)!!!!!!!! Now it feels like I have the energy to do ANYTHING!!!! Even studying for the chemistry exam feels pretty good if you're sunbathing at the same time

Oh how summer feels just SO good. My allergy and bad mood due to school (and its environment) - GONE. wohoo!!

My two fav summer songs (altho the first one's kinda old already)


IL FAUT DANSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Il faut partir pour la FRANCE!!

Which means I really~ wanna go to hhe french riviera this year too.... Summer in Estonia/ working in Finland sounds inviting too, but who could say NO to the beaches, the sea, the environment, the people...? Oh, a dream :) (and maybe not an impossible one, my parents are willing to travel too!)


Life's unexpected turns

OMG guess what happened today??

Something real unexpected: frightening and exiting at the same time..... I got a call from a lady who said she wanted to feature ME and LIISA in a MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Obviously to market our hair extension business) OMG WHAT! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!!

It's a new magazine called ILUGuru or something, first issue will be out 31.May and they want to practically do a free commercial for us! (Ehem we have to apply extensions to a model for free, but I guess that's no biggie......) 

Didn't expect something like that at all :O Anyway I'm of course a little suspicious about the whole thing, it's a magazine I've never ever heard of before and blahblah so on. Well anyway I'm meeting this lady for coffee this Wednessday and am invited to introduce our techniques at a salon next week (that's where we'll have a photoshoot as well as transform our model.)!! Crazy life.

I'm sure it's pretty obvious by now, but to those who didn't read it out: we're going LEGAL haha finally :D
I'll have to figure out how FIE works before the salon thing and register Liisa as one though! (I'm 17 y-o so I can't be FIE).

But one question remains: why do we still have schooooool. Something exciting in my life finally happens, but at the same time I'm supposed to study for geo, history, BIO etc tests on the last week of school! I've Zero intrest. THIS SYSTEM SUX.

A great example of exactly how much it sucks: I'm supposed to run a lap around a friggin' POND (PE stuff) just an hour before meeting the magazine-lady for coffee!!

Well I suppose that's it for my news for today. Will be ordering more hair this Wednessday as we're out of blonds already :(

hehohaho ♥

Busy gamer & co

The scenery of the day:


This bitch was busy playing and yelling @ my place for more than 6 hours ♥

Then we come to the main point of this entry: my new haaaaaaaaaaaair!!!!!!

Feels fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8DDD

65 cm & U-shaped cut (120 g, if I'm not mistaken): TADAH:

it looks pretty darn amaziiiing!!!!! LOVE IT! Thank you, Liisa ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

To promote our business a little, it is indeed the same hair we use on our clients :)

Btw, as you can see from the first two pics, my DS has also arrived ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Pokémon games don't work though.... *agony* I will do my best to make them work!



Chocolate hair & porcelaine skin

Ignorance is a disease but stupidity is a bliss.

....Or something.

Are stupid people actually happier?

(Dyed my hair acidentally back to dark brownish... would be great looking but the color is uneven :> Can't wait to get new extensiooooons~!! Do you think purple low lights and ends would work? I wanna try 'em.)




So nice! 
Summer 2010 is FINALLY here, who could've thought? ★

I'm going to the beach tomorrow already, let's see if my acne medication minimizes my tan (like it's said)!! I hope not. 8))
(If everything goes well, I'll post pics of tomorrows later)

This week has been crazy with the extension customers!!! At least my pay was good, so I'll do some shopping soonish ♪


I'm off to sleeep! 

Enjoy the weather while it lasts!! 




Oh my GOD the school I visited in Brussels is a DREAM !

To conclude:

- 3000 pupils ♥
- 45 min lunch breaks ♥
- EB degree and lessons in English ♥
- Friendly environment ♥
- Teachers don't seem strict ♥
- International environment! ♥♥♥
- Voluntary courses (pupils make up their own schedules) ♥

+ Legal drinking age is 16!!!! haha :D

(↑ aha :D)

And ohmigosh, I want to get in SO bad!!!
Besides, Brussels is such a nice city apart from all the molesting Arabs of course..... :/
(Seems like a dangerous place to be in at night :>)
☆It takes just 1-3 hours to get to London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Luxembourg..... by train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Life, here I come!!!! :D

I didn't really take any interesting pics on the trip so.... a pic from yesterday before hitting the town w/ Mari! :D

hihi ♥


Pics and talks

Hey y'all!

Yesterday was the birthday party of a very dear friend of mine, Andra☆
The party seemed to start super: There were lots of people, I was feeling super and the music was also great!
Then........  the electricity died  x_x

Such a shame really!! :/

Me and Elina went out to camwhore a biiiiiiiit :D

No pics from the party itself, sadly =(

I was actually quite fond of my outfit, therefore sum pics:

Excuse my mad photoshopping skills =)!

Ps. how do you like my lipstick? It's actually a pink eye shadow, I was being creative :D


I'm going to Brussels this Wednessday!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom is moving there this autumn and who knows, maybe I am too =)!
We're going to check out the European School, hand out my application and other stuff.
Wish my luck with that one!

//psps. I just got an fb message from the girl I'm meeting in Brussels, got me so excited :D!!!! ♪




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